Wisycom LBN2 Wideband UHF Antenna 420-1300 MHZ

Wisycom LBN2 Wideband UHF Antenna 420-1300 MHZ


Audio Masterpiece I-Code: 101265
Mfg. Part #: LBN2

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Wide-band antenna (420-1300 MHz),
6 dBi max gain,
50 Ohm impedance on BNC / N connector

LBN2/LNN2 is a wideband UHF antenna LPDA (log periodic dipole Array).
It enhances reception providing approx. 6 dBi gain with a typical beam-width of 140 degrees.
LNN2 is provided with BNC connector (LBN2 version) or N connector (LNN2 version).


Skeletal Design for Minimal Wind Loading
Bend elements for maximal directionality with minimum size (6 dBi gain)
Future proof huge reception bandwidth 420-1300 GHz
Robust metal support with fine slope tuning
Full metal support and mounting base (1/4″ & 3/8″)
Textured Weather-Resistant Coating
Waterproof with gasket sealing
BNC or N connector available