Wisycom MAT244 Wideband Programmable Matrix Combiner

Wisycom MAT244 Wideband Programmable Matrix Combiner


Audio Masterpiece I-Code: 101526
Mfg. Part#: MAT244
Code: MAT244-X

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MAT244 is very flexible combiner especially designed to manage RF in a multi-site production environment.

It can:
– route RF in several possible configurations
– control antenna remotely
– manage attenuation/boost for the different areas
– monitor RF and interference through an integrated RF meter

All of this can be done remotely thanks to an Ethernet interface and a very intuitive PC software.

MAT244 can be configure locally of by SW as a diversity combiner 4:2 with 6dB gain or in a non-diversity combiner 8:4 / 8:1


  • Combiner mode: diversity 4:2 / non-diversity 8:1 or 8:4 (SW configurable)
  • Wide bandwidth 150-840 MHz operation
  • Remote management and monitor of alarms thru Ethernet 10/100 base TX
  • Antenna booster supply toggled on each input independently
  • Voltage and current monitoring on each booster supply with alarm
  • Programmable attenuators on each inputs
  • Remote boost control (for gain/bandwidth) with a bidirectional data link through coax (input BNCs)
  • Light window where the user can enter their own text to identify the 8 areas