Wisycom BAA Wideband Active Amplifier

Wisycom BAA Wideband Active Amplifier


Audio Masterpiece I-Code: 100152
Mfg. Part #: BAA
Wideband Antenna amplifier UHF 470-870
15 dB gain selectable - 43 dBm OIP3
Power 12V @ 100 mA through coax - BNC-female connectors

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BAA is a wideband antenna booster especially designed to allow for the use of long cables with a broadband wireless receiver system working in 470 – 870 MHz (TV ch 21/70). This is thanks to a very high OIP3 of 40 dBm.


  • Broadband operations 470-870 MHz
  • Very high linearity (OIP3 > 40 dBm)
  • Up to 16 dB gain settable in one dB step
  • Powered through cable
  • Power feedthrough selectable for cascade operation of several BAAs