Lectrosonics SMV Miniature Wideband Transmitter

Lectrosonics SMV Miniature Wideband Transmitter


Audio Masterpiece I-Code: 101614
Mfg. Part #: SMV
*Single Battery

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To meet the demand for both extended operating range and extended battery life, the "V" series SM transmitters offer selectable output power (See specific model data sheets for details). A third selection at 50 mW is provided for some theatrical applications where the system design specifies lower transmitter power.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Technology* 
    (U.S. Patent #7,225,135)
  • Variable, selectable power output:
    SMQV: 50mW, 100mW, 250mW (for US units, blocks 470-26)
    SMQV: 50mW, 100mW (for US untis, block 941)
  • Membrane switch control panel with LCD display
  • 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
  • Wide input dynamic range
  • DSP based pilot-tone signal
  • Circulator/Isolator output stage
  • Splash-proof, machined aluminum housing
  • Non-corrosive, super-hard finish

*Digital Hybrid Wireless™ is a revolutionary new design that combines 24-bit digital audio with an analog FM radio link to provide outstanding audio quality and the extended operating range of the best analog wireless systems. The design overcomes channel noise in a dramatically new way, digitally encoding the audio bitstream in the transmitter and decoding it in the receiver, yet sending the encoded information via an analog FM wireless link. This proprietary DSP algorithm eliminates a compandor circuit and its artifacts, and preserves the RF spectral footprint of analog FM designs to simplify multi-channel coordination with existing analog wireless systems.

Included Accessories:
(1x) AA Lithium Batteries
(1x) Foam Insulating Pads (Part #35923)
(1x) Pouch (Part #35697)
(1x) Mic Connector Kit (Part #SMKITTA5)
(1x) Belt Clip (Part #SMBCUPSL)
(1x) Quick Start Guide

Operating Frequency Range:
941.525 - 951.975 MHz
952.875 - 956.225 MHz
956.475 - 959.825 MHz

Channel Spacing:
Selectable; 25 or 100 kHz

Frequency selection:
Control panel membrane switches

RF Power output:
Switchable; 50 or 100 mW

Pilot tone:
27 to 32 kHz; 3 kHz deviation
(Digital Hybrid mode)

Frequency stability:
± 0.002%

Spurious radiation:
Compliant with ETSI EN300 422-1 v1.4.2

Equivalent input noise:
–125 dBV, A-weighted

Input level:
   Dynamic mic:

   .5 mV to 50 mV before limiting / Greater than 1 V with limiting
   Electret lavaliere mic:   
   1.7 uA to 170 uA before limiting / Greater than 5000 uA (5 mA) with limiting
   Line level:
   17 mV to 1.7 V before limiting / Greater than 50 V with limiting

Input impedance:
   Dynamic mic:
   300 Ohms
   Electret lavaliere:
Input is virtual ground with servo adjusted constant current bias
   Line level:
2.7 k Ohms

Input limiter:
Soft limiter, 30 dB range

Bias voltages:
• Fixed 5 V at up to 5 mA
• Selectable 2 V or 4 V servo bias for electret lavaliere

Input gain control range:
44 dB in 1 dB steps

Modulation indicators:
Dual bicolor LEDs indicate modulation of –20, -10, 0, +10 dB referenced to full modulation